About Me

I’m a Fort Worth-based developer in love with clean code, collaboration, and ambient music. While I’ve got a wide breadth of experience, I excel at building intuitive and organized APIs. I also enjoy talking about microservicers and serverless architectures. Before getting into development, I worked as a touring musician while pursuing a career in academia. When I’m not behind a computer screen, you can find me playing music, reading comics, and chasing my toddler alongside my wife.

Things I've Built

Project Image: Traveler


Inspired by the now-defunct Instagram photomap, Traveler is a fullstack, mobile-first app that allows users to save and view memories. Upload a photo, comment, and location and the app will plot the memory on a map, allowing the user to remember the trips they’ve taken.

Technologies used:

React, Redux, Node, Express, Passport, Sequelize, PostgreSQL


SwearJar is a small Single Page App that allows GroupMe users to see which of their friends is the most fond of four-letter words. Using the GroupMe API, SwearJar collects and analyzes the last 1000 messages of a given chat group and outputs the users ranked by usage.

Technologies used:

React, Redux, GroupMe API

Project Image: Setlistr


I was a touring musician for over 6 years. The groups I played with never remembered to write out setlists. Ever. Using this tool allows users to create, edit, and access a common setlist; all through asynchronous database manipulation.

Technologies used:

jQuery, Node, Express, Mongoose, MongDB

Marvel Continuity Companion

The Marvel universe is as confusing as it is exciting. Use this app to see the comics that start your favorite character! If you find a comic that interests you, click the image for more info!

Technologies used:


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